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Chatting with the design and research leads.

Two students using a Chromebook.
Two students using a Chromebook.

I had the opportunity to chat with two instrumental members of the team who work on the (GC) product. I am a former classroom teacher who used GC extensively and am now a product designer in the EdTech industry. Needless to say, this was a special conversation for me.

The Topics

We chat about various topics, including:

  • How to research and design for such a diverse pool of users globally
  • Researchers considering self-care for the stories they carry (especially during the pandemic)
  • How learning theory (academic research)…

A few places to guide your exploration of UX in the EdTech space.

UX of EdTech
UX of EdTech

UX of EdTech offers resources in EdTech product design, research, and direction. This is a glimpse at current offerings to date.

A roundup of leading work in the space.

laptop, notebook, backpack
laptop, notebook, backpack

I am a former middle school teacher who loved building relationships with students and using technology to enhance learning and course design. Seeing the incredible benefits, the amazing potential, and even the usability downfalls of education technology caused me to look into how these products were developed. I am now working in the EdTech product design space.

These are a few resources that I have found helpful throughout my journey and in my current role.

It probably should go without saying that the best “resource” route is syncing up with educators, students…

Let’s learn some UX stuff and analyze the course design with an LX lens

UX of EdTech: Google UX Design Certificate EdTech Cohort
UX of EdTech: Google UX Design Certificate EdTech Cohort

Hey all! 👋

I was thinking about how this 7-course Certificate offered by Google via Coursera could be approached in multiple ways.

3 Atypical Approaches


It isn’t abundantly clear at first but you could navigate to each of the 7 courses of the overall specialization individually and click “audit” when signing up. This video at 1:27 shows a of that.

This option is not the full experience but you do get access to almost all of the learning material. …

Why would a teacher be interested in Figma? Why would a designer be interested in classroom prep?

Friends of Figma, Educators
Friends of Figma, Educators
Join our little Figgy educators group.

Currently, I work in the EdTech product design industry (K-12) as an experience designer. I am a former 7th-grade science teacher and am planning to return to the classroom periodically, including this summer to teach a high school UX Design elective course. I am convinced that Figma could deeply enhance and literally transform classroom learning.

Who is an educator?

I was first introduced to Figma as a UX/UI design tool. However, with my ever-present “educator lens” on, I could not help but see it as a new environment for classroom facilitation and a solution to some of the major problems that surfaced from remote…

A road weaving through open land.
A road weaving through open land.

A starting place for those with experience in education looking to transition into UX practice.

Originally published on .

To be a classroom teacher is an honor, privilege, and great responsibility. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs out there. We should see many more “Designer to Teacher” headlines. At the same time, I know sometimes teachers are ready to play a different role on the education team or mix it up and refresh altogether. For me, I wanted to pursue the work done behind EdTech products that so heavily influenced my own classroom.

I hesitate to put these thoughts into writing because I feel like I am only beginning my journey…

Designers and educators working together to give opportunities to a diverse range of students

Young people using laptops.
Young people using laptops.
Photo by on

Did you take any type of design courses in high school? Perhaps you worked through experiments and utilized the scientific method in your lab science classes. Or maybe you took art elective courses that allowed you to create and design for a portfolio. Some of you may even have attended a special school focused on science, technology, or the arts.

Consider the Societal Influence of UXD

What would our world look like if young people learned and practiced design thinking principles throughout secondary school age? It is often noted that the vibrant…

A game-changer in the EdTech space

Example Home Page Design


  • Adapt the design as the user needs change. The world, including the world of education and online learning, is being transformed by the current pandemic. What may have been the best solution merely a few months ago might now need some reevaluation. The product-market fit is shifting.
  • As a teacher, I have seen how this game ignites learning and truly does match the mission statement of creating memorable learning experiences.
  • As a teacher of remote learning during COVID, I also have seen how this game facilitates social connection to support learning.
  • As a UX…

A teacher advocating for better UX for education’s sake.

Pulling out a Chromebook.
Pulling out a Chromebook.

Many parents and families got up close and personal with during the pandemic school closures and remote learning this past spring. In the United States, it was the #1 educational during March 2020, and came in 4th among all non-gaming downloads (behind Zoom, TikTok, and HouseParty). The desktop version was widely used on Chromebooks and other computers. This is to be expected since in a sense between 2012–2017.

Many are expecting to return to using the platform this upcoming fall. While a large number of students and teachers were very acquainted and…

When the true insiders of EdTech products get their hands on the design tools

Adult teacher and student working on a laptop computer together.
Adult teacher and student working on a laptop computer together.

“Take a picture of your work.” In an age where most people have cameras in their pockets, one would hope that this could be a simple task. As a middle school science teacher during the stay-at-home order of COVID-19, I experienced firsthand how this exercise got tricky really fast.

In my corner of the world in Southern California, it seemed like overnight that K12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) students and families were required to utilize as their primary Course Management System (if they did not have another system in place) and conduct most of their assignments and communication…

Alicia Quan

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